About Math Facts:

ASchool.us's "Math Facts" service came about because of several reasons.

Why you should use this service?

Math Facts helps both the teacher and student understand exactly where the student is struggling and provides tools to help remedy the problem. Any teacher that has given math facts tests knows that it can take a significant amount of time to grade the test much less trying to determine where the problems are. Math Facts keeps track of which problems a student gets wrong and allows them to focus on practicing just those problems. You can also focus on just the problems that are the slowest to help bring up your proficiency.


Math Facts originated as a Christmas vacation project to help me keep my programming skills up to date. I quickly saw the potential to integrate it into my Computer Applications class "Database" unit. I thought it might engage students to be able analyze their own information and see if they could find any patterns in it.

I quickly saw the potential to use this in my 5th to 8th grade classroom to be able to see how their math facts were doing. If you look at the results from my Algebra I Math Facts study. This simple study showed a strong relationship between a students speed with multiplication tables and their Algebra I score.

After showing Math Facts to a few other teachers, who got all excited about it's potential, it has evolved into what it is now:
A program the empowers teachers and students to learn more effectively.

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