Math Facts Help


Start by selecting either a range of problems to work, your hardest problems, or your slowest problems. The range works by setting the starting and stopping value of the left and right numbers appropriately. The hardest and slowest will only work if you have already taken the test a couple of times. They each will give you up to twenty problems to practice. The hardest problems gives you 20 problems that you have gotten wrong based on the number of times you have gotten it wrong. The slowest gives 20 problems based on your average response speed for each problem.

Once the activity loads click the green go button to get started. The timer will start after the first question is displayed. The timer keeps track of how quickly you respond to each question.

As you progress through the MathFacts your score is updated. If you answer te question correctly the corresponding location for that question will turn green. Red if it was wrong. The grey question marks are unanswered questions so you can quickly see how many questions you have left. The black markers are questions that will not be asked.

The example show is non negative answer subtraction problems. Which is why there are so may black markers. Black markers will also show up when you are working on slowest and hardest problems.

When you are finished make sure to wait for the "Saving complete" message before moving on. To attempt the activity again simply refresh the page by click the refresh button in your browser or by pressing F5.

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